Decorative Vases: A Way to Reshape Your Space

Have you ever yearned to reform your home but were on a budget? Believe me, as you only need vases in diverse shapes to restructure the way your home looks. The freshness of flowers in every home blooms like nothing else. And above all, the modern decorative vases add more charm to them. Also, you are beyond blessed if you have a home garden. For that additional aesthetic appeal, you only need to pick fresh flowers. Unlike past, vases no longer look appealing in the living room only but in the bedroom, kitchen or even bathroom. Let me dig into some popular vases you can add to your home. 

  1. Glass Cylinder Vases- Such transparent glass vases are ideal for homes, weddings, birthdays or corporate events. Mostly hand-blown and handmade, they add richness to the space. The top rim is perfectly shaped, and you can observe the beauty economically. For decorating such glass cylinder vases, you need to cut the long flower stems and pour some water for freshness. The freshness of the flowers remains intact for some days if you change the water regularly. 

Tip: You can have a collection of two or more glass cylinder vases in a parallel line to conceal the overall charm. 

  • Yellow Vases- For that candlelight dinner you have been planning for days, have a collection of yellow vases for that extra warmth. The yellow tone looks equally appealing, just like glass cylinder vases. Some yellow vases also come with a cracked pattern to add that quirkiness. Some matte pieces are also available that easily contrast with your theme. 

Tip: You can add fairy lights in the setting where yellow vases are placed. The overall look complements your mood and helps arouse emotions amidst the chaos.    

  • Milk Glass Vases- Colour is a game long lost. You need to go transparent if you want to add sophistication. And milk glass vases are another name for royalty. They are often see-through and sometimes white in colour. Some may also look like a milk jug that you no longer use. Both artificial and fresh flowers look unbelievably beautiful if rightly placed. Their manufacturing takes you through a process of intricacy and detailing.   

Tip: As they are milk glass vases, why not make that one milk jug lying unused in your crockery? You no longer need money to go with the trend; make the most of what you already have.

  • Colored Glass Vases- Undoubtedly, see-through and yellow vases are in trend. One cannot go wrong with colored glass vases. There are a wide variety of colours that you can explore from the dramatic collection. Often bright, they add life to otherwise lifeless surroundings. For a glass table and whiteness all around, choose colored glass vases instead of yellow. They uplift the overall ambience effortlessly.

Tip- Find a dark blue colored glass vase for everything in white. It looks as royal as a yellow one. 

  • Ceramic Vases- Ceramics has always been the best seller in vases. Though the art was limited a few years back, you can pile up stock for your home, and you won't get tired. From quirky to sophisticated, there is an endless list to grab. Its flexibility allows molding, and you can get whatever you want. The detailing and intricacy of ceramics have no other alternative, and the beauty is reflected in its designs. Purely handmade, you can sometimes go in awe of their beauty.     

Tip: Buy designs that suit your theme, and they will exaggerate the overall beauty of your home at affordable prices. 

  • Metal Vases- Having pets at home? Don't worry; there are metal vases to secure your beauty. Durable and made to last, they hold small, medium and large plants. Most of them are eye-catching and look spectacular in indoor settings. A large centre table in the living room with a beautiful metal planter accommodating a live plant looks mesmerizing.

Tip: Buy Metal vases in Gold Colour. They look royal at no prices.    

  • Bamboo Vases- Bamboo is by far the most versatile and sustainable material. Although made with less drainage hole scope, these suit plants that require less water. These can look charming if you prefer rustic settings. Their rawness reflects the beauty of nature and your love for that. 

Tip: For plants like pothos and ZZ, buy bamboo planters. 

Vases at Decor Republic

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