Table Lamps: Novelty Redefined

The home decor industry has taken an upside turn in the past decade. And there has been a flood of decorative in the market. From ceiling lamps to wall lamps, the options are endless and perplexing. However, there are still a few elements retaining the same charm. One of the newly redefined elements includes table lamps. They carry immense sophistication and help light up a particular area. Unlike in the past, the materials of table lamps are vast and endless. Before you get excited about knowing them, let us tell you why you need table lamps.

  • Tuneful Light- Bedside lamps¬†offer a melodious light, unlike the existing light fixtures in your space. The warmth of¬†bedside lamps¬†offers coziness and uplifts mood. If you are a newly married couple and despise stepping out, the tuneful lighting can engross romanticism. These are best suitable for homes with kids and elders also. You can switch on your¬†bedside lamps¬†throughout the night to avoid mishaps.¬†
  • For Creating Focus - Table Lamps¬†are best suited to create focus on a particular area. They don't distract you from your work while allowing privacy and zero disturbances to others. The light falls only on the area of its placement, allowing focus wherever required.¬†¬†
  • For Adding Aesthetic Value-¬†Bedside lamps are no less than a valuable decor accessory. Just like paintings, and wall hangings, these add a splash of uniqueness. You can buy¬†table lamps¬†of whatever design and material according to your interior. For instance, if you want to incorporate rustic vibes, bring home wooden or bamboo lamps. For a dramatic look, buy¬†bedside lamps in¬†gold or black colour. All these look divine and magnificent at the same time.¬†¬†
  • For Reading-¬†Have you always wanted a reading corner in your bedroom?¬†If you are blessed enough to live in a home constructed years ago, there are flaws unignorable. And one of them is the placement of switches. Light switches in such homes are often away from the bed, causing problems in uninterrupted reading. And for that,¬†bedside lamps¬†running on batteries or with advanced charging options are a blessing. You can now have¬†table lamps¬†on the bedside table for a relaxing reading session, where you do not have to worry about the connection. Not just such¬†table lamps for bedroom¬†add a dramatic look but allow ethnicity to prevail.¬†¬†

Types of Table Lamps

  • Twin Table Lamps-¬†This¬†Desk Lamp¬†type comes in pairs. People usually keep such lamps on either side of the bed or the sofa. These look spectacular because of the symmetry formed.¬†Bedside lamps¬†are rarely bought single to make the bedroom look fascinating and have been in vogue for years.¬†
  • Reading Lamps-¬†There is a marked difference between bedside¬†and reading lamps.¬†Though these both are sold in the market without any differentiation, the type of light installed in both makes them different. You can often find¬†bedside lamps¬†in a warm tone. But for reading, a specific white light is preferable.¬†¬†
  • Task Light Lamps-¬†These lamps are usually popular in offices for work desks. And if you have a workstation at home, bring task light rather than regular¬†table lamps.¬†They usually have a cone shape and are big in size. The angle adjustment helps insight to light on a particular space. And that way, we can save our eyes from getting ruined after working hours.¬†
  • ¬†Novelty Lamps-¬†These are not typical¬†table lamps¬†but rather lamps for decoration. As the name suggests, people end up buying these to add newness. Unlike conventional¬†table lamps,¬†the designs are quirky, novel and different. Though not providing enough task light, they still end up lighting a place. Because of the variety of executables, these make perfect options for your kids' room. You can pick your child's favourite cartoon character in novelty lamps, and that too at affordable prices. The choice of colours further makes them a prime choice.¬†
  • Bedside Lamps-¬†Also known as Nightstand lamps. Bedside lamps are for extra warmth and coziness, unlike task or study lamps. Their purpose is to light up the space required and to add beauty. The bulbs of these lamps are warm and secured by a sheer lamp shade.¬†

From traditional to contemporary, Decor Republic has made an attempt to provide the best pieces on its platform. Every design is intricately manufactured with unmatchable detailings. There are table lamps for the bedroom, living room, kids' room and even entrance. The charisma formed is magical and unparalleled.  

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