Planter Shelves: A Blessing for Plant Parents 

Love keeping plants, but hate managing them? Well, it's the story of every plant parent who loves keeping multiple babies in their abodes. This outpouring of love goes smoothly until the hoarding gets cluttered. The corners of the home parents choose become too tough to clean. And this mess demands planters with plates underneath and whatnot. Till the time you have limited stock, planter shelves or plant tables makes no sense. However, if you have decided to dedicate your home to plants, garden plant shelves are a viable investment. These planter shelves remain the same for years with regular cleaning and maintenance.     

Types of Planter Shelves 

  • Wood Planter Shelves- Wood is well-known- not just for its sturdiness but also for aesthetic value. The pure wooden colour looks pleasing with every theme setting and makes your home look more appealing than ever. Garden plant shelves of wood look as presentable at the entrance as in a garden or patio setting. The layered setup of the planter shelves allows planters of varied sizes. From the slimmest one in your collection to the largest, garden plant shelves in wood accumulate all. Also, you don't have to worry about the weight, as wood solves its core intent. 
  • Macramé Planter shelves- If wood is ideal for outdoors, macramé sets the trend for indoors. The knot-style wrap-up with inbuilt shelves itself is a beauty to gaze at. And it also sets up with every theme being mostly white. Each piece of macramé planter shelf is handmade and represents ultimate craftsmanship. These are usually hanging and are one of the best plant shelves to bring home. You can even create symmetry by investing in different sizes and compiling them together. 

Some Tips To Manage Plant Shelves 

  • Keep A Big One Sorted For Entrance- Clutter at the entrance neither appeals to onlookers nor the one living inside. And therefore, keeping plants on the floor in a chaotic manner is not a good idea. You can get planter shelves for your home as per your need. For more than 40 plants, invest in a huge one with multiple shelf layering. Keep the biggest one on the top as they are hard to fit. And the small ones inside, for smooth display. 
  • Multiple Wall Shelves- If your home displays utter wilderness, you need more garden wall shelves. And for better plant management, you can create a differentiation based on the type of plants. For instance, plants requiring less water should be on separate shelves. And vice-versa for the case of plants with regular care. You will end up creating less mess at the end of the day following this. 
  • Small Planter-Shelves for Indoors- Bulky planter shelves look elegant in the garden or outdoors but not at the entrance. You can have small hanging planter shelves for the bedroom or living room. Macramé garden wall shelves are the best plant shelves for a sophisticated setting. They end up making a contrast with your theme setting without much chaos. Even you can have different sizes depending on the area.  
  • Internal Plant Shelves Organization- Even if you have only one in the home, you can manage it strategically. Keep the plants requiring more care at eye level for best results. Others with low-water requirements can be placed on the topmost shelf for ease.     

How to Clean Planter Shelves 

  • Buy Planters with Plates Underneath- Most planters have such a setup to avoid mess. This way, the drainage hole won't make your shelves messy, and they will remain clean. Even those without lids beneath can be managed with whatever waste utensil you have at home. 
  • Weekly Clean-Up Will Do- Well, no more than that, as it will become painstakingly enough. The stains of water go off easily only with regular cleaning. The best way to clean planter shelves is to keep all the planters down. Clean the shelves first with a dry cloth for the dirt to get away. And should be followed by a wet cloth for all the tough stains. 

We at Decor Republic have come up with some of the best plant shelves made up of macramé and wood mostly. Their intricacy is the subject of discussion, and the knots are so elegantly formed that they hardly lose their grip. The varieties in the same are endless, with some MDF wood shelves and others without them. You can also get one with MDF wood and cotton rope indoors. These work as a beautiful wall hanging without digging a hole in your pocket.         


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