Wall Hangings: The Ultimate Charmer

"As we evolve, our space must too." Every home waits for a fable to be told by its owner. And the collection of home decor explains how well we have written it. Besides wall paint, wall hangings help convey a story. They add an instant appeal, regardless of how dull our walls look. Long story short, wall hanging decor is an alternative for tight-fisted. There are variations in designs, materials and colours. Your selection should rely on your wall colour palette and theme. The size of the wall hanging decor is also an important feature. Your choice must depend on the style you envisioned. From traditional to minimalistic, there is an endless list. Below are some benefits conveying the significance of wall hangings:

  1. Instant touch-up- Wallpapers are undoubtedly the game changers; wall hangings are nowhere less. Even beautiful wallpaper can renounce its meaning after some time. Where you have lost all hope to renovate, wall hanging decor comes into the picture. They add an instant appeal with their colours and texture. Just like wallpapers, you can get them as per your colour theme. For instance, dark walls look pleasing with wooden or macrame wall hanging. This slow-paced light and dark combination never fail. Even if it's been years since you have painted your walls, a beautiful wall hanging is a great addition. 
  2. Flexibility- Have you ever thought of replacing the vibes of your rooms? Indeed No, because it seems nowhere possible without wall hangings. Sometimes we end up loving one room more than our own. And it's not because of someone's physical presence but of elements. How colorful life will be if you can now exchange the vibes with wall hangings. It is a zero-investment strategy to change the overall look. And when you have a variety to select from your home, why expand much?  
  3. Sustainable and Affordable- Do you know that home decor involves more investment than basic construction? And nothing feels worse than your fresh-painted walls tearing up within months. Wall hangings are a sustainable option when the world is running behind fast-fashion trends. They can easily hide imperfections from your walls without costing much. And for that, you have to plan your purchase. Select the size appropriate to conceal and the colours to pop up. Also, one smaller tip: Buy fully-covered wall hanging decor for a zero-imperfection look. The big-sized metallic wall art will do the best. 
  4. Coziness- Yes, you heard that right. Your selection of home decor helps to layer up your home the same way comfy jackets do. And wall hangings carry the best insulation properties. They instantly turn bland walls into a folklore never told. Even the most basic white walls look spectacular with the addition of colours. They are also a solution to big rooms, where decor becomes an annoyance. Select a giant wall hanging for a wall, and you are geared up.   

Wall Hanging Decor on Decor Republic

  • Macramé Wall Hanging- Basically called the art of knots. This detailing dates back to the 13th century. And it involves the use of textiles to make multiple products. One of the most-liked macramé forms consists of wall hangings and wall decor. No longer restricted to decor only, these are based on functionality. You can now hang your planters, use them as curtains, decor hangings and even dream catchers. Decor republic has ensured a collection of macramé wall hanging in varied forms at affordable rates. They are purely handmade and display a love for art in their detailing. Material options involve jute, ribbon, rope and yarn.  
  • Ceramic Wall Hangings- Ceramics is no longer restricted to its primary use. They make spectacular wall hangings and look unique. The geometric and ethnic patterns make a mindful selection possible. Based on a white base mostly, they are elegant, royal and novel in their appeal. You can place sets together to seek attention rather than an individual piece. 
  • Intricate Wooden Wall Hanging Decor- Wooden lures the majority coming to home decor. Their natural charm remains intact after years in this fast-changing world. The exclusive Moroccan tiles wall art collection is one of its kinds and looks best in the living room. Every piece is a real work of art, defining the art of our native artists.  

If ever in doubt, bring wall hangings home. There cannot be a better investment than some exclusive pieces that change the complete decor game. And when there is flexibility, why live in bafflement to explore more? 

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