Artificial Flowers: Happiness Readymade

There is enough nature around- said no one ever. And how can we when we are born in it? The freshness of flowers, those lush green sweepers and tall trees are a way of life. When there was nothing, there was nature to explore, and mother earth was blooming. Now, as we face repercussions, it's time to bring that flowers and trees back home. No matter in what form. Our ever-changing lives don't allow us to maintain, and these beautiful artificial flowers come as a rescue. 

Types of Flowers

  •   Birth Month Flowers- Yes, you can have beautiful flowers as per your birth month, and the list goes on like this. 

January ~ Carnation & Snowdrop.

February ~ Violet & Primrose.

March ~ Daffodil & Jonquil.

April ~ Daisy & Sweet Pea.

May ~ Lily of the Valley & Hawthorn.

June ~ Rose & Honeysuckle.

July ~ Larkspur & Water Lily.

August ~ Gladiolus & Poppy.

September~ Aster and Morning Glory

October~ Marigold & Cosmos

November~ Chrysanthemums

December- Narcissus & Holy  

  • Dried Flowers- You can now find original dried flowers in a bunch to instill liveliness. A lot of platforms today preserve flowers that die to make beautiful bouquets out of them. You can buy dried flowers of your choice if you do not prefer artificial flowers. They look even more appealing than artificial ones. 
  • Wedding Flowers- Only event managers can know the pain of catering individual needs of customers in flowers. Real flowers are not only hard to compile but also expensive. They need proper management and often look stale if not cared for. But wait, why kick yourself into so much chaos when you have artificial flowers to the rescue? You can have a collection of flower bouquets suiting your purpose. You can not only use them in a wedding venue but also at home too. Create a theme according to colours, and you can pick them as per your requirement. 

Benefits of Flowers

  1. Easy To Maintain- Unlike fresh flowers, these don't need much management. Neither they require water regularly, nor do they need air to survive. You only need to bring them home, install them in your favourite vase and clean them on weekends with a dry cloth to make them look new. The size of the flower stick varies according to design. 
  2. Economical- Ever bought roses on Valentine's and felt like bank accounts going blank? Gags apart, artificial flowers are the most economical in every sense - Price, Time and place. You don't have to visit your favourite flower shop when you need lilies. Bring home a bunch of artificial lilies and keep it fresh with your perfume. They are a one-time-investment with zero need for management.   
  3. Exotic Variety- Geographical restrictions sometimes don't allow us to have flowers that we like the most. But you have the Decor Republic to fulfill your needs. The artificial flower bunches are a replica of fresh flowers harvested globally. Now you can have a bunch of black roses that you once dreamt of, and that too forever in your home. This unmatchable variety allows an irreplaceable charm in your home. Display them beautifully at the centre, dining and even bedside table.   
  4. Long Lasting-. It is what artificial flowers are best known for. Whether you take a bunch of original dried or artificial flowers, they last long for years. The material never gets spoils even if you wash them regularly with water. Use them loosely without fear of getting stale or looking out of place. Their charisma remains forever with grace intact.  
  5. Availability Of Seasonal Flowers- Nature works at its pace, and we cannot do anything about it. Still, if you want to have your favourite flowers all year round, pick faux flowers of the same variety. Undoubtedly you will miss their freshness, but at least their presence is worth it. Decor Republic has an assorted collection of almost every flower that you crave. From marigolds to olives, we have plenty of options to buy. 
  6. Kids' Friendly- Faux flowers are kids' friendly. Non-toxic and flexible, these don't get spoiled. Not just kids', they are viable if you have pet babies at home. You don't have to worry about hiding them in a secret place once you step out.      

Bring that newness to your home by replacing the collection of faux flowers from one space to another. You can mix stems with different flowers to create a novel look. And don't get worried about the designs when you have the Decor Republic to look after your requirements. 

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