Picture Frame: A Way to Recollect What's Lost


Have you ever seen a blank wall in any space? Probably never, as occupied walls are a sign of joyous life. In contrast, blur and blank walls represent descent and decay. And for years, a picture frame has been playing the role of adding uniqueness. The memories depicted via photo frames are incomparable regardless of unlimited wall decor options. A photo frame defines your aesthetic sense and helps redefine your home. Also, it gives an idea about your personality and your choices. You cannot escape designing them even before you have ended up with the construction work. Their selection needs to be a part of a discussion with your interior stylist without failure. Planning photo frames can even help select the theme of your home beforehand. Let us have a look over the reasons why they are unavoidable:

  • For Ultimate Finish- Have you got wallpapers for walls imprinted but still missing something? You surely need something to exaggerate your walls. And what can be the other best option than photo frames? Indubitably, with a sophisticated colour match, you can add life to your walls instantly. They help restoring life to your space without expanding much. For instance, walls with black backgrounds look spectacular in gold picture frames. Also, neutral walls make white photo frames look even more beautiful. 
  • For Memories Recollection- No matter how fancy a home looks, it can never be completed without picture frames being in action. One cannot flee the personal touch they deliver. You can have a complete dedicated wall in your living room for custom picture frames. Following a particular colour theme, they instantly draw attention. And believe me; the photo frames selected grab as much attention as the customized pictures. The depiction of love, emotions, and feelings is unparalleled. One can even have the same setup in your bedroom, depending on the size.  
  • To hide imperfections- Yes, you heard what's written. Does it seem absurd? Indeed no, as only a few can think about it. Seeing your walls getting ruined is extremely painful. And even more tiring is the expense associated. You have a way of concealing those imperfections via custom picture frames. Just follow a few steps, and you can make a boom:
  1. Select the area of the wall you want to hide.
  2. Have a measuring scale to know the size of the frame to be selected. 
  3. Amidst all the chaos, do not forget the colour theme. For dark-colored walls like bottle green and black, gold picture frames will serve the purpose. 
  4. Order the required ones from the Decor Republic, and your wall is ready. 
  • For Saving Tormented Pictures- Most of our life's journey is captured through photographs, thanks to the inventor. And since childhood, there have been a lot of pictures from black and white to coloured for preservation. No matter how much you have tried keeping them safe in albums, they turn out to be pale. And one of the best preservation sources is picture frames. Through frames, you can keep your favourite ones lively forever. You can even hide the rippled ones without any additional effort. The pictures from the black-and-white era look even more appealing than the coloured ones.   
  • Price Viability- If a little hint of over budgeting haunts you; you are at peace with picture frames. Out of all the luxurious and costly artifacts you have shortlisted, picture frames are the most affordable. Even if you have selected some exclusive collections, their pricing is unbeatable. And more particularly, the idea of personalization can compete with the most expensive pieces of art effortlessly. You can set a separate budget for photo frames and grab them as per the plan. 

 Picture Frames at Decor Republic

We envision quality over anything. And when it comes to home decor, we hear you. 

Our best sellers are white. They have been in vogue for years, thanks to the neutral tones people choose for their homes today. You can get white photo frames in different sizes. And the standard sizes available include:

16*20 Frame

8*10 Frame 

11*14 Frame 

You can even form collages compiling different sizes together. Made of acrylic molding with acrylic sheets, the pictures are easily swappable. You only have to peel, stick and lift the already installed picture, if you want to add a new one. It just takes 3 seconds to swap and relocate if you want. The use of acrylic gives an impression of wood without making it bulky enough.  

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