Candle Holders: The New Decorative Element

"Darkness is an illusion, and candles are the existing reality". I admit that most of you won't agree, claiming candles and candle holders are outdated. But these are back in vogue, however, with an altogether different purpose. All thanks to technology, we no longer need them for lighting purposes. If lighting is no more the case, why do we need candle holders then? Let me take you on a short trip knowing the usage and benefits:

  • For Aesthetic Intent- Have you ever thought of a romantic date at home? Candles can make it possible. The irreplaceable restaurant vibes are easy to replicate.   Candle holders hold aesthetic value, incomparable and distinctive. A candlestick holder in the living room or a bedroom engrosses different moods and enriches existing vibes. They look their best at the centre table and dining table. Contrasting with your interior, you can choose candle holders made of brass or crystal. There are multiple colour options readily available in black, gold and transparent.   
  • To light an Event-  A candlestick holder is no longer restricted to homes. You can change the overall aura of your event by placing them on the serving table. They look stunning with rustic vibes. And especially on a night outdoor setup, when all you have is greenery and beauty. Imagine small tables in a garden with twinkling lights above and the beauty of candles placed beneath on candle holders. This setup has become everyone's favourite without any doubt. 
  • For Safety Purposes- Candles, these days, are available in different shapes and sizes. From pillar candles to taper and votive candles, you can find many. Regardless of what type of candle you bring home, safety is unignorable. Candle holders assign an ideal position to your candles where the risk of falling and catching fire becomes negligible. 
  • For Prevention of Wax Spills- Candle holders help prevent wax spills, where you no longer have to worry about your furniture. Metal candle holders accumulate all the extra wax dipping out of the candle, making the space less messy. Wax spills are not just risky for furniture but pets and kids. Hot spills can burn your skin instantly, causing irritation. Candle holders, in that case, work as a savior. 
  • For Adding Colours- Candle Holders in varied colours can add a splash to your space. They instantly lit up otherwise bland surroundings, where you no longer have to worry about expensive interior decor. Contrasting makes it easier to have a setup rarely found. For instance, if you love including rawness, buy metal candle holders in gold colour. For a more dramatic look, glass candle holders look extraordinary. (Best of luck if you have kids and pets at home)    
  • For lighting up your divine occasions- Festivals bring immense joy to the life, so as candles with their unfiltered lights. And you can be more specific by placing candle holders at ideal places. These convey extraordinary looks during Christmas, Halloween, anniversaries and birthdays. Unlike conventional decor setups, you get a premium, hardly sorted. 

Enough of getting why you need candle holders? Now look at the type of candle holders available in the market:

  • Tea Light Candle Holders- These are one of the most commonly found candle holders. And the reasons are obvious- convenience, affordability and variety in designs. There are perfect for small candles and are for everyday use. The tea light candle holders are so profoundly different in design that you end up feeling one inspired by the East and the other from the South. 
  • Candle Lanterns- Lanterns need no introduction. These are centuries old and have been in use for years. Although the old lanterns worked on oil, the modern candle lanterns accommodate candles inside them. Unlike other candle holders, lanterns are ideal for the outdoors as well. One can light up the courtyard and even garden with lanterns permanently. All you have to do is to place a free candle whenever you want to light up the space. 
  • Votive Candle Holders- Unlike lanterns and tapered candle holders, these are ideal for small candles. One can easily get confused between votive candle holders and tea light candle holders. Generally 2 inches in height, they look great on festivals and occasions. You can create symmetry by placing a number of votive candle holders in a certain place. 

 The Decor Republic has the ultimate collection of candle holders. From metal to wood and glass, there isn't any option that you won't find. Their aesthetic value is taken cared by our expert artisans, and every piece is a value in itself. You can make your memories special, and we assure the quality you get.        

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